The History of Leith

October 5, 2012

Rev. Rowland Hill

In 1798, when the Rev. Rowland Hill (the
famous son of Sir Rowland Hill, of Shropshire)
visited Edinburgh for the firsl lime, he preached
in some of the churches every olher day, but the
crowds became so immense, that at lasl he was
induced to hold forth from a platform erecled on
the Gallon Hill, where his audience was reckoned
al nol less lhan 10,000, and Ihe interest excited by
his eloquence is said lo have been beyond all
precedent On his return from the West, he
preached on Calton hill again lo several audiences,
and on the last of Ihese occasions, when a collection
was made for the charity workhouse, fully 20,000^
were present. Long years after, when speaking lo a
friend of the multitude whom he had addressed
there, he said, pleasantly, ” Well do I remember
the spot; but I understand that it has now been
converted into a den of thieves,” referring to the
gaol now built on the ground where his platform

source-Od and New Edinburgh

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