The History of Leith

October 5, 2012

Holyrood in 1437 and 1439

In 1437 the Parliament met at Edinburgh, on
the 25th March, after the murder of James I., and
adopted immediate measures for the government of
the country. Their first act was the coronation of
the young prince, in his sixth year, on whose head.
at Holyrood, as James II., the crown was solemnly
placed by James Kennedy, Bishop of St. Andrews,
in presence of a great concourse of the nobles,,
clergy, and representatives of towns, amid the usual
testimonies of devotion and loyalty.
On March 27th, 1439, Patrick Abbot of Holyrood
and his convent granted a charter to Sir Robert
Logan of Restalrig, and his heirs, of the office of
bailie over their lands of St. Leonard’s, in the town
of Leith, ” from the end of the great volut of
William Logane, on the east part of the common
gate that passes to the ford over the water of Leith.,
beside the waste land near the house of John of
Turyng on the west part, and common Venale called
St. Leonard’s Wynd, as it extended of old
on the south part, and the water of the port of
Leith on the north, and . . . . in the ninth year of
the pontificate of our most holy father and lord,,,
Eugenius IV., by Divine Providence Pope.”

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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