The History of Leith

October 3, 2012

The Keith Fund

The Keith Fund, established
by the late Mrs. Janet Murray Keith and
her sister Ann for the relief of incurable patients
who have been in the house. These generous ladies
by trust-deed left a sum of money, the interest of
which was to be applied for the behoof of all who
were discharged therefrom as incurable by the loss
of their limbs, or so forth. The fund, which consists
of Bank of Scotland stock, is held for this
purpose by trustees, who are annually appointed
by the managers of the Royal Infirmary, the
annual dividend to which amounts to ^250. In
1877 there were on the list of recipients 101
patients receiving allowances varying from ^i to
£4; and in their deed of settlement the donors
express a hope that the small beginning thus made
for the relief of such sufferers, if well managed,
may encourage richer persons to follow their
example. Although this trust is appointed to be
kept separate for ever from the affairs of the Royal
Infirmary, the trustees are directed to publish
annually, with the report of the managers, an abstract
of the fund, with such other information as
they may deem desirable.

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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