The History of Leith

September 24, 2012

Simon, Master of Lovat

Simon, Master of Lovat, who died a Lieutenant-General
in 1782, was a man of irreproachable
character, who inherited nothing of
old Lovat’s nature but a genius for
making fine speeches. He raised
Highlanders, or old 71st regiment,
which was disbanded in 1783 after a career in America
The rapidity with which the
heroine of j ranks of previous Highland regiments, raised by
him in 1757, were filled by Frasers,
so pleased George III., that on the
embodiment of the 7ist he received
from the king a free grant of his
family estates of Lovat, which had
been forfeited by his father’s attainder
after Culloden.
At the first muster of the 7ist in
Glasgow, an old Highlander, who had
brought a son to enlist, and was looking
on, shook the general’s hand with that
familiarityso commonamong clansmen,,
and said, ” Simon, you are a good
soldier, and speak like a man ! While
you live old Simon of Lovat will never
die”—alluding to his close resemblance
personally to his father, the
wily old lord of the memorable “Fortyfive.”

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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