The History of Leith

September 14, 2012

The dusky mazes of the residence of Mary of Lorraine

” It was interesting,”
says the author of “Traditions of Edinburgh,”
“to wander through the dusky mazes of
the residence of Mary of Lorraine and Guise,, and reflect that they had
been occupied three centuries ago by a sovereign
princess, and of the most illustrious lineage. Here
was a substantial monument of the connection
between Scotland and France. She, whose ancestors
owned Lorraine as a sovereignty, who had
spent her youth in the proud halls of the Guises
in Picardy, and had been the spouse of a Longueville,
was here content to liveā€”in a close in
Edinburgh! In these obscurities, too, was a
government conducted, which had to struggle with
Knox, Glencairn, James Stewart, Morton, and
many other powerful men, backed by a popular
sentiment which never fails to triumph

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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