The History of Leith

September 8, 2012

THE Castle Hill

“THE Castle Hill,” says Dr. Chambers, “is partly
an esplanade, serving as a parade ground for the
garrison, arid partly a street, the upper portion’ of
that vertebral line which, under the names of Lawn-
, market, High Street, and Canongate, extends to
Holyrood Palace ;” but
it is with the Esplanade
and banks we have
chiefly to deal at
Those who now see
the Esplanade, a peaceful
open space, 510 feet
in length by 300 in
breadth, with the squads
of Highland soldiers at
drill, or the green bank
that slopes away to the
north, covered with
beautiful timber, swarming
in summer with little
ones in care of their
nurses, can scarcely
realise that thereon
stood the ancient Spur,
before which so many
men have perished
sword in hand, and that it was the arena of so
many revolting executions by the axe and stake,
for treason, heresy, and sorcery.

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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