The History of Leith

September 5, 2012

The death of David Duke of Rothesay

In the “Fair Maid of Perth,” Scott has depicted with
thrilling effect the actual death of David, by the
slow process of starvation, notwithstanding the
intervention of a maiden and nurse, who met a
very different fate from that he assigns to them in
the novel, while in his history he expresses a doubt
whether they ever supplied the wants of the prince
in any way. According to the ” Black Book” of
Scone, the Earl of Douglas was with Albany when
the prince was trepanned to Falkland, and having
probably been exasperated against the latter, who
was his own brother-in-law (having married his
sister Marjorie Douglas), for his licentious course
of life, must have joined in the projected assassination.
” Such are the two Scottish nobles whose
armorial bearings still grace the capital of the pillar
in the old chapel. It is the only other case in
which they are found acting in concert besides the
dark deed already referred to; and it seems no
unreasonable4 inference to draw from such a coincidence,
that this chapel had been founded and
endowed by them as an expiatory offering for that
deed of blood, and its chaplain probably appointed
to say masses for their victim’s soul” (Wilson).

Source-Old and New Edinburgh

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