The History of Leith

September 5, 2012

The chapel of Robert Duke of Albany-St Giles

the chapel of Robert Duke of Albany,
now the most beautiful and interesting portion of
this sadly defaced and misused old edifice. The
ornamental sculptures of this portion are of a
peculiarly striking character — heraldic devices
forming the most prominent features on the capital
of the great clustered pillar. On the south side
are the arms of Robert Duke of Albany, son of King
Robert II., and on the north are those of Archibald
fourth Earl of Douglas, Duke of Touraine
and Marshal of France, who was slain at the battle
of Verneuil by the English. In 1401 David Duke
of Rothesay, the luckless son of Robert II., was
made a prisoner by his uncle, the designing Duke
of Albany, with the full consent of the aged king
his father, who had grown weary of the daily complaints
that were made against the prince.

Source-Old and New Edinburgh

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