The History of Leith

September 4, 2012

St Giles 1462

In the year 1462 great additions and repairs
appear to have been in progress, for the Town
Council then passed a law that all persons selling
corn before it was entered should forfeit one chalder
to church work. In the year 1466 it was
erected into a collegiate church by James III.,
the foundation consisting (according to Keith and
others) of a provost, curate, sixteen, prebendaries,
sacristan, beadle, minister of the choir, and foui
choristers. Various sums of money, lands, tithes,
&c., were appropriated for the support of the new
•establishment, and Maitland gives us a rolf of the
forty chaplaincies and altarages therein.

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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