The History of Leith

August 28, 2012

Irish giants

The houses first numbered in Princes Street
were in the south portion, which caused the legal
contention in 1774, and the continuation of which
was so fortunately arrested by the Court of Session,
and there the numbers run from i to 9.
No. 2 was occupied in 1784 by Robertson, “a
ladies’ hairdresser,” where, as per advertisement,
two Irish giants—twin brothers—exhibited themselves
to visitors at a shilling per head, from four
till nine every evening, Sundays excepted. ” These
wonderful Irish giants are but twenty-three years
of age, and measure nearly eight feet high,” according
to the newspapers. “These extraordinary
young men have had the honour to be seen by
their majesties and the royal family at Windsor, in
November, 1783, with great applause, and likewise
by gentlemen of the faculty, Royal Society, and
other admirers of natural curiosity, who allow them
to surpass anything of the kind ever offered (sic) to
the public. Their address is singularly pleasing;
cheir persons truly shaped and proportioned to
their height, and afford an agreeable surprise.
They excel the famous Maximilian Miller, born in
1674, shown in London in 1733 (six feet ten
inches high); and the late Swedish giant will
scarce admit of comparison.”

source-Old and New Edinbrgh

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