The History of Leith

August 27, 2012

Lady Anne Bothwell’s Lament

She was betrayed in a
disgraceful liaison by Sir Alexander Erskine (a son
of John, 14th Earl of Mar), of whom a portrait by
Jamieson is still extant, and represents him in the military
dress of his time—a handsome man in a cuirass
and scarf, with a face full of nobility of expression.
The lady’s name does not appear in the Douglas
peerage ; but her cnfel desertion by
Sir Alexander j
was confidently believed at the time to have justly
exposed him to the vengeance of heaven, for he
perished with the Earl of Haddington and others
in the Castle of Dunglas, which was blown up by
gunpowder in 1640,

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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