The History of Leith

August 16, 2012

The city in 1783

Of the city in 1783 some glimpses are given us
in the “Letters of Theophrastus,” appended to the
second edition of “Arnot.” In that year the
revenue of the Post Office was only £40,000.
There were four coaches to Leith, running every
half hour, and there were 1,268 four-wheeled carriages
and 338 two-wheeled paying duty. The
oyster-cellars had become numerous, and were
places of fashionable resort. A maid-servant’s
wages were about ^4 yearly. In 1763 they wore
plain cloaks or plaids; but in 1783 “silk, caps,
ribbons, ruffles, false-hair, and flounced petticoats.”

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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