The History of Leith

August 13, 2012

The Little Mound

The site of the Little Mound we have referred
to is now occupied by the Waverley Bridge, which,
after striking rectangularly from Princes Street,
about 270 yards westward of the new post office, i
crosses the vale of the old loch, southward to the
foot of Cockburn Street. The bridge was ori- j
ginally a stone railway structure, consisting of!
several arches that spanned the Edinburgh and \
Glasgow lines, and afforded carriage access to all
the three original termini. Proving unsuitable for
the increased requirements of the station, it was
in 1870-3 replaced by a handsome iron skew
bridge,.in three reaches, that are respectively 310,
293, and 276 feet in length, with 48 feet of a
carriage-way and 22 feet of footpaths.

Source-Old and New Edinburgh

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