The History of Leith

August 7, 2012

The altar of St. Katharine

Among the property belonging to the foundation (St. Mary-in-the-
was a tenement at the foot of the modern Blair
Street, on the west side, devoted to the altar of St.
Katharine in this now defunct church ; and in the
” Inventory of Pious Donations,” preserved in the
Advocates’ Library (quoted by Wilson), there is a
” mortification ” by Janet Kennedy, Lady Both well,
to the chaplain of the Kirk-of-Field of ” her fore
land of umyle Hew Berrie’s tenement and chamber
adjacent yr to, lying in the Cowgaitt, on the south
side of the street, betwixt James Earl of Buchan’s
land on the east, and Thomas Tod’s on ye west.”
This lady was a daughter of John Lord Kennedy,
and was the widow of the aged Earl of Angus, who
died of a broken heart after the battle of Flodden.
In 1450-1 an obligation by the Corporation of
Skinners in favour of St. Christopher’s altar in St.
Giles’s was signed with much formality on the 12th
of January, infra ecdesiam Beatce Maria, de Catnfo,
in presence of Sir Alexander Hundby, John
Moffat, and John Hendirsone, chaplains thereof,
Thomas Brown, merchant, and other witnesses.
(” Burgh Rec.”)

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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