The History of Leith

August 3, 2012

Science of Heraldry

” On the boundary wall (of Craigmillar Castle),” says Sir Walter Scott,
“may be seen the arms of Cockburn of Ormiston,
Congalton of Congalton, Mowbray of Barnbougle,
and Otterburn of Redford, allies of the Prestons
of Craigmillar. In one corner of the court, over
a portal arch, are the arms of the family: three
unicorns’ heads couped, with a cheese-press and
barrel, or tun—a wretched rebus, to express their
name of Preston.”
This sculptured fragment bears the date 1510.
The Prestons of Craigmillar carried their shield
above the gate, in the fashion called by the Italians
scudo pendente, which is deemed more honourable
than those carried square, according to Rosehaugh’s
” Science of Heraldry.”

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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