The History of Leith

July 31, 2012

Human remains at Wardie

Wardie is fully two miles north from the Castle,
and near Granton.
In this district evidences have been found of the
occupation of the soil at a very remote period by
native tribes. Several fragments of human remains
were discovered in 1846, along the coast of
Wardie, in excavating the foundations for a bridge
of the Granton Railway ; and during some earlier
operations for the same railway, on the 27th
September, 1844, a silver and a copper coin of
Philip II. of Spain were found among a quantity
or human bones, intermingled with sand and shells:
and these at the time were supposed to be a
memento of some great galleon of the Spanish
Armada, cast away upon the rocky coast.

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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