The History of Leith

July 27, 2012


WARDIE MUIR must once have been a wide, open,
and desolate space, extending from Inverleith and
Warriston to the shore of the Firth; and from
North Inverleith Mains, of old called Blaw Wearie,
on the west, to Bonnington on the east, traversed
by the narrow streamlet known as Anchorfield
Now it is intersected by streets and roads,
studded with fine villas rich in gardens and teeming
with fertility; but how waste and desolate the
muirland must once have been, is evinced by those
entries in the accounts of the Lord Sigh Treasurer
of Scotland, with reference to firing Mons Meg,
in the days when royal salutes were sometimes
fired with shotted guns !

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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