The History of Leith

July 24, 2012

Hamesucken is alive and well in modern Scots law

The criminal offence of Hamesucken is a long established one in Scots law. It has never been referenced in English law to anyone’s knowledge. In essence it is an aggravated form of assault. It is the breaking into the house of an individual and assaulting them with the intention of so doing. In days gone by it was a capital offence and indeed people have been hanged having been convicted of Hamesucken. Some examples include James Whiteford who was hanged in Edinburgh on 18 August 1819 and Bryce Judd & Thomas Clapperton who were both hanged in Edinburgh on 5 January 1820. Times have moved on and Scotland has become more civilised in terms of punishing those convicted of criminal offences. The offence is still a serious one. A person expects to feel safe in their own home and indeed any offence that is commissioned in the home of the victim is a serious one. for more click here

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