The History of Leith

July 23, 2012

The Kincaids of Warriston and Coates.

During the reign of James VI. we find it the
abode of a family named Kincaid, cadets of the
Kincaids of that ilk in Stirlingshire, as were all
the Kincaids of Warriston and Coates. From
Pitcairn’s ” Criminal Trials,” it would seem that on
the i yth December, 1606, John Kincaid of the
Craig House, attended by a party of friends and followers,
“bodin in feir of weir,” i.e., clad in armour,
with swords, pistols, and other weapons, came
to the village of the Water of Leith, and attacked
the house of Bailie John Johnston, wherein Isabel
Hutcheon, a widow, ” was in sober, quiet, and
peaceable manner for the time, dreading nae evil,
harm, or injury, but living under God’s peace and
our sovereign lord’s.”
Kincaid burst in the doors, and laying hands on
the said Isabel, carried her off forcibly to the
Craig House, at the very time when the king was
riding in the fields close by, with the Earl of
Mar, Sir John Ramsay, and others. James, on
hearing of the circumstance, sent Mar, Ramsay,
and other of his attendants, to Craig House, which
they threatened to set on fire if the woman was
not instantly released. For this outrage Kincaid
was tried on the I3th January, 1601, and was fined
2,500 marks, payable to the Treasurer, and he was
also ordered to deliver to the king ” his brown

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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