The History of Leith

July 7, 2012

Lindsay of Pitscottie and the Great Michael

To Lindsay of Pitscottie, in Fife, perhaps the most
picturesque and attractive writer of Scots history, we
owe much interesting information about the building
of the Great Michael. Although doubt has been thrown
on many of the details of his graphic narrative, yet we
must remember that Pitscottie was near neighbour to
the Woods of Largo, and is therefore likely to have had
authentic information about Sir Andrew and the great
ship of which he was commander. Pitscofctie, after
the manner of the old balladists, tells us that the Great
Michael was ” a year and a day ” in building ; but that
is only his picturesque Scots way of saying that she
took a long time to build, and we know from other sources
that she must have been on the stocks for four years at

source-The Story of Leith

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