The History of Leith

June 30, 2012

Adam Bothwell

Bothwell was the eldest son of Francis Bothwell, Lord of Session, by his second wife Katherine Bellenden, daughter of Sir Thomas Bellenden.[1] He was born about 1527; his epitaph states that he died ‘anno ætatis suæ (at the age of ) 67.’

He is said to have been versed both in canon and in civil law. The See of Orkney became vacant by the death of Robert Reid at Dieppe, 6 September 1558, on his way home after attending, as a commissioner, the marriage of Mary, Queen of Scots with Francis the Dauphin. On 11 (Grub) or 14 (Hew Scott) October 1559, Bothwell was put in possession of the temporalities of the vacant See. for more click here

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