The History of Leith

June 29, 2012

History of the Kings Wark

” The remains of this building,” says Arnot,
writing in 1779, “with a garden and piece of
waste land that surrounded it, was erected into a
free barony by James VI., and bestowed upon
Bernard Lindsay of Lochill, Groom of the Chamber
(or Chamber Cheild, as he was called) to that prince.
This Lindsay repaired or rebuilt the King’s Wark,
and there is special mention of his having put its
ancient tower in full repair. He also built there
a new tennis-court, which is mentioned with
singular marks of approbation in the royal charter
‘ as being built for the recreation of His Majesty,
and of foreigners of rank resorting to the kingdom,
to whom it afforded great satisfaction and delight;
and as advancing the politeness and contributing
to the ornament of the country, to which, by its
happy situation on the Shore of Leith, where there
was so great a concourse of strangers and foreigners,
it was peculiarly adapted.'”
The reddendo in this charter was uncommon,
Arnot adds. It was to keep one of the cellars in
the King’s Wark in repair, for holding wines and
other provisions for the king’s use.

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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