The History of Leith

June 23, 2012

Baron Norton

Baron Norton was remarkable for his constant
attention to all religious duties. Throughout his long
life not a Sunday passed in which he was prevented j
from attending the service of the Scottish Episcopal ]
Church, and so inviolable was his regard to truth,
that no argument could ever prevail upon him to
deviate from the performance of a promise, though I
obtained contrary to his interest and by artful representations
imperfectly founded.
He died at Abbeyhill in 1820, after officiating as
a Baron of Exchequer for forty-four years. His remains
were taken to England and deposited in the
family vault at Wonersh, near Guildford, in Surrey.
On the death of his elder brother William, without
heirs in 1822, his son Fletcher Norton succeeded as
third Lord Grantley.
It is from him that the three adjacent streets at
the delta of the Regent and London Roads take
their names.

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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