The History of Leith

June 16, 2012

Earl of Lennox

The Mormaer of Lennox or Earl of Lennox was the ruler of the long-lasting provincial Mormaerdom/Earldom of Lennox in the Medieval Kingdom of the Scots. The first Mormaer is usually regarded as Ailin I (also Alpin, Alun or Alwin), but the genealogy of the Mormaers gives earlier names. The last Mormaer of the native line was Isabella, who married Muireadhach Stewart, the Duke of Albany, and died in 1458.

The recent work of Cynthia Neville and Michael Brown has made Lennox perhaps the best understood native scottish Mormaerdom.

After the extinction of the Lennox line, the Scottish Peerage title of Earl of Lennox was granted to John Stewart, Lord Darnley. It has been “created” six times, becoming extinct every time. The Earl of Lennox (see Lennox) was elevated to Duke of Lennox in 1581. for more click here

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