The History of Leith

June 12, 2012


In 1497, the island was (along with Inchkeith, a few miles away) used as an isolated refuge for victims of the ‘Grandgore’, (syphilis) in Edinburgh.[5] The ‘grandgor’ was recognised in the 1497 Minutes of the Town Council of Edinborough ( Phil. Trans. XLII. 421) “This contagious sickness callit the Grandgor.”. The Grandgore Act was passed in September 1497, causing Inchgarvie, as well as other islands in the Firth, such as Inchkeith, to be made a place of Compulsory Retirement for people suffering from this disease.[6] They were told to board a ship at Leith and, “there to remain till God provide for their health, for more click here

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