The History of Leith

June 10, 2012


The CAPILLAIRE CLUB was one famous in the
annals of Edinburgh convivalia and for its
fashionable gatherings. The }Veekly Magazine
for 1774 records that “last Friday night, the gentlemen
of the Capillaire Club gave their annual ball.
The company consisted of nearly two hundred
ladies and gentlemen of the first distinction. Their
dresses were extremely rich and elegant. Her
Grace the Duchess of D and Mrs. Gen.
S made a most brilliant appearance. Mrs.
-S.’s jewels alone, it is said, were above ,£30,000
in value. The ball was opened about seven, and
•ended about twelve o’clock, when a most elegant
•entertainment was served up.”
The ladies whose initials are given were evidently
the last Duchess of Douglas and Mrs. Scott, wife
of General John Scott of Balcomie and Bellevue,
mother of the Duchess of Portland. She survived
him, and died at Bellevue House, latterly the Ex-
•cise Office, Dmmmond Place, on the 23rd August,
1797, after which the house was occupied by the
Duke of Argyle.
The next notice we have of the club in the same
year is a donation of twenty guineas by the members
to the Charity Workhouse. ” The Capillaire
Club,” says a writer in the “Scottish Journal of
Antiquities,” ” was composed of all who were inclined
to be witty and joyous.”

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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