The History of Leith

May 23, 2012

Trade with New York-1883

Trade with New York developed
itself, that from three to four steamers per
month now arrive at Leith, bringing cargoes of
grain, butter, oil-cakes, linseed meal, tinned meats,
grass seeds, etc. Over 200,000 sacks of flour came
to Leitfi in one year from New York, and in one
month alone 33,312 sacks were imported.
Some of the Leith steamers sail direct to New York
with mixed cargoes; others load with coal, and proceed
there, vid the Mediterranean, after exchanging
their cargo for fruit. Then Messrs. Blaik and
Co., of Constitution Street, have large steamers of
3,650 tons burden each, built specially for this
trade. The passage from New York, ” north
about,” i.e., through the Pentland Firth, usually
occupied sixteen days, but now it is being reduced
to twelve.

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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