The History of Leith

May 23, 2012

The west quay of Leith

The west quay, was built in 1777, but the
accommodation still being inadequate for the requirements
of the growing trade of the port, the
magistrates of Edinburgh obtained, in 1788, an
Act of Parliament empowering them to borrow the
sum of ^30,000 for the purpose of constructing a
basin, or wet dock, of seven English acres, above
the dam of the saw-mills at Leith, a lock at the
Sheriff Brae, and a communication between the
latter and the basin.
This plan, however—one by Mr. Robert Whitworth,
engineer—was abandoned, and the magis-
•trates applied again to Parliament, and in 1799
obtained an Act authorising them to borrow
£160,000 to execute a portion of John Rennie’s
magnificent and more extensive design, which embraced
the idea’bf a vast range of docks, stretching
from the north pier of Leith to Newhaven, with an
entranc? at each of these places.
The site chosen for these new docks was parallel
with what was known as the Short Sand, or from the
Sand Port, at the back of the north pier westward,
to nearly the east flank of the old battery

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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