The History of Leith

May 16, 2012

Logan’s connection with The Gowrie Conspiracy

Logan’s connection with The Gowrie Conspiracy
remained unknown till nine years after his death,
when the correspondence between him and the
Earl of Gowrie was discovered in possession of
Sprott, a notary at Eyemouth, who had stolen
them from a man named John Bain, to whom
they had been entrusted. Sprott was executed,
and Logan’s bones were brought into court to
have a sentence passed upon them, when it was
ordained ” that the memorie and dignitie of the
said umqle Robert Logan be extinct and abolisheit,”
his arms riven and deleted from all books
of arms and all his goods escheated.
The poor remains of the daring old conspirator,
were then re-taken to the church of St. Mary at
Leith and re-interred; and during the alterations
in that edifice, in 1847, a coffin covered with the
richest purple velvet>was found in a place where
no interment had taken place for years, and the
bones in it were supposed by antiquaries to be
those of the turbulent Logan, the last laird of

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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