The History of Leith

May 12, 2012

The Kirkgate as described in 1883 (Now removed)

OnE of the oldest and principal streets of Leith is
the Kirkgate, a somewhat stately thoroughfare as
compared with those off it, measuring eleven hundred
feet in length from the foot of the Walk to
rhe Water Reservoir (called of old The Pipes) at
:he head of Water Lane, by an average breadth of
fifty feet “Time and modern taste,” says Wilson,
•’ have slowly, but very effectually, modified its antique
features. No timber-fronted gable now
thrusts its picturesque facade with careless grace
beyond the line of more staid and formal-looking
ashlar fronts. Even the crowstepped gables of the
sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are becoming
the exception ; it is only by the irregularity which
still pertains to it, aided by the few really picturesque
tenements which remain unaltered, that it
now attracts the notice of the curious visitor as the
genuine remains of the ancient High Street of the

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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