The History of Leith

May 10, 2012

The Kingis medow

In the Register of the Privy Council, January,
1584, in a bond of caution for David Preston of
Craigmillar, Robert Pacok in Brigend, Thomas •
Pacok in Cameron, and others, are named as sureties
that John Hutchison, merchant and burgess
of Edinburgh, shall be left peaceably in possession
of the lands ” callit Kingis medow, besyde the
said burgh, and of that pairt thairof nixt adjacent
to the burne callit the Figott Burne, on the north
side of the same, being a proper pairt and pertinent
of the saidis landis of Kingis Medow.”
Among the witnesses is George Ramsay, Dean of

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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