The History of Leith

May 10, 2012

The Mercurius Caledonius of 1661

The Mercurius Caledonius of 1661 records a very
different scene here, under the name of the Thicket
Burn, when a foot-race was run from thence to the
summit of Arthur’s Seat by twelve browster-wives,
“all of them in a condition which makes violent
exertion unsuitable to the female form.” The prizes
on this occasion were, for the first, a hundredweight
of cheese and ” a budgell of Dunkeld aquavitse,
andarumpkin of Brunswick rum for the second, set
down by the Dutch midwife. The next day sixteen
fishwives (are) to trot from Musselburgh to the
Canon(gate) Cross, for twelve pairs of lambs’

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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