The History of Leith

May 8, 2012

The Kinghorn Boats,

In the early part of the present century (19th century) the ferry
traffic between Leith, Kinghorn, and Burntisland
was carried on by means of stout sloops of forty or
fifty tons, without topmasts, and manned generally
by only four men, and always known as ” the
Kinghorn Boats,” although Pettycur was adopted
as the more modern harbour.
Generally there were two crossings between
Leith and Fife every tide, though subsequently,
as traffic increased, the number of runs was increased
by having a boat anchored outside the
harbour when there was not sufficient water for it
to enter. Small pinnaces were used for the voyage
in dead calms. The old ferrymen were strong,
rough, and quaint fellows, and Leith still abounds
with anecdotes of their brusque ways and jovial
humour. (Now unfortunately gone)

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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