The History of Leith

May 8, 2012

Act of James I.

By an Act of James I., in 1425, it was ordained
that all ferries where horses were conveyed, should
” have for ilk boate a treene brig,” or wooden gangway,
under the pain of ” 40 shillings of ilk boate;”
and again, by an Act of James III., 1467, the
ferries at Leith, Kinghorn, and Queensferry are
ordained to have “brigges of buirds,” under penalty
of the ” tinsel” or forfeiture of their boats. Jn 1475
tfte charge for a passenger was twopence, and for
a horse sixpence; at Queensferry one penny for
a man, and twopence for a horse. (Scots Acts,

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