The History of Leith

May 3, 2012

The custom-house of Leith as discribed in c1883

The present custom-house of Leith was built in
1812, on the site where H.M. ship fury was built
in 1780 ; and an old native of Leith, who saw her
launched, had the circumstance impressed upon
his memory, as he related to Robertson (whose
“Antiquities” were published in 1851), “by a carpenter
having been killed by the falling of the
The edifice cost ^12,617, is handsome, and in
the Grecian style, adorned in front with pillars and
pediment. It stands at the North Leith end of the
lower drawbridge.
The officials here consist of a collector, two
chief clerks, three first and seven second-class
clerks, with one extra ; eight writers, two surveyors,
eighteen examining officers, and a principal coast
officer for Fisherrow. The long room is handsome,
and very different from its predecessor in the Tolbooth
Wynd, which was simply divided by long
poles, through which entries were passed,

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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