The History of Leith

April 30, 2012

The ancient alley named Coalfield Lane

FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY feet north-westward of
‘St. Mary’s church, and on the same side of the
Kirkgate, opens the ancient alley named Coalfield
Lane, which, after a turn to the south in Charlotte
Lane, led originally to the Links. Dr. Robertson
gives a quotation from the ” Parish Records ” of
South jJL.eith, under date 25th May, 1592, as
showing ” the origin” of Coalfield Lane : ” the
quhilk day, the Provost, Johnne Arnottis, shepherd,
was acled lhal for every sheep he beil in ye Kirkyeard
suld pay ix merks, and everie nyl yal carried
(kepi) thame betwix the Coalfield and ye Kirk
style he should pay v. merk.”
But the name is older than the date given, as
Palrick Logan of Coalfield was Bailie of Leilh
l0th September, 1470, and Robert Logan of the
same place was Provost of the city in 1520—1, as
the “Burgh Records ” show ; and when ruin began
lo overtake Ihe wily and powerful Baron of Reslalrig,
his lands of Mount Lolhian and Nether Gogar
were purchased from him by Andrew Logan of
Coalfield in 1596, as staled in Ihe old “Douglas

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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