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April 27, 2012

Letters of Thanks

Letters of Thanks
DEAR SIR—We cannot express our gratitude in
words for your great kindness in sending the one pound
note to us in our time of distress. We thank you, Sir,
whole heartily for your kindness to us. Yours
DEAR DR. DAVIDSON—Just a few lines to thank
you for the kindness you have shown to us all. I had
a p.c. from Miss Muir, telling me about a pram which
is in my possession now. The pram came as a gift to
me and baby, as I had not got one. And also thanks
to the lady who sent it, _for it was very good of her.
Miss Muir has been very good to me, she gave
me clothes for myself, and also money. All of this
came as a godsend to me, for my husband not working
and nine children to keep is a bit of a struggle. But
God is good and is always with me in rffy hard times ;
and I also thank you for the £1 I got after Communion,
and the coal at the end of the year. So thanking you
once again for all you have done for me and my
children. I am, yours truly
DEAR DR. DAVIDSON—I feel I must write this short
note, thanking you very much for the gift forwarded
to me per the Elder, on Tuesday evening. I can assure
you it is appreciated very much indeed, and it is also
spent in the proper manner. I again thank
sincerely. Your old member
To the Rev. Donald Davidson
DEAR SIR—I write this letter to you, to thank you
very much for the assistance you sent me, also for the
letter you sent me to help me to get a job. I am
sorry to say I did not get the job, but I am thankful
for the reference, and if I am lucky enough to get a
job, I will endeavour to do my very best to live up to
the fine character you give me. Once again my wife
and family and myself thank you very sincerely—•
Yours gratefully
DEAR DEAR Dr.DAVIDSON—Just a few lines thanking you
very much for your kind letter, also the gift. It was
very kind of you to think about us. I do not know
how much to thank you for your kindness. May God
bless you and your Church. From your Friend…

Source-South leith Magazine 1932

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