The History of Leith

April 26, 2012

Alhambra Theatre Services-1931

(The Alhambra which was on Leith Walk has now been removed)

Alhambra Theatre Services
The interest of the congregation is invited in a
series of special Services to be carried on in the Alhambra
Theatre on Sunday evenings during November and
December. These Services are designed primarily
to reach the people around us who are outwith the
Church, but the presence and prayerful support of
our Church members is earnestly requested. The
collections at these Services are to be devoted entirely,
without any deduction for expenses, to the Leith
Hospital. The singing will be lead by our Church
Orchestra, which will be specially augmented for the
purpose. Prominent Leith laymen have been invited
to preside. On the opening Sunday night the chair
will be taken by our ruling Elder, Sir Malcolm Smith,
K.B.E. The Services will commence at 8 o’clock,
but the doors of the theatre will be opened at 7.30,
and the orchestra will play for half an hour.
Our members are invited to help this evangelistic
enterprise of our Church of South Leith by making
these Services widely known.

source-South Leith Magazine 1931

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