The History of Leith

April 25, 2012

Robert II of Scotland

Robert II (2 March 1316 – 19 April 1390) became King of Scots in 1371 as the first monarch of the House of Stewart. He was the son of Walter Stewart, hereditary High Steward of Scotland and of Marjorie Bruce, daughter of Robert I and of his first wife Isabella of Mar. (The marriage of princess Marjorie took place in 1315, making Robert’s probable birth date early in 1316.)

Robert I had made his brother Edward his heir ahead of Marjorie, but following Edward’s death without issue on 3 December 1318 at the Battle of Dundalk in Ireland, Robert Stewart became heir presumptive to his grandfather. His mother Marjorie died in 1317 following a fall from a horse. Robert Stewart’s rights as heir to the throne lapsed on the birth of a son, afterwards David II, to Robert I and his second wife Elizabeth de Burgh on 5 March 1324. for more click here

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