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April 24, 2012

Comment on Roman Catholicism-1927

Roman Catholicism.
Do you agree with Dean Inge when he says : “The
opinion is widely held that Protestantism has received
ts death-blow from Biblical criticism, and that Europe
i hundred years hence will be either Catholic or- not
Christian at all.”
* * * *
“Rebels against the dominion of the Caesar or the
Vatican are handed over, when possible, to the secular
arm for the destruction of their bodies, and are consigned
to eternal torments in a future state. This
claim to be the sole purveyors of a sovereign remedy is
:he most familiar of all tricks of trade. The imposture
has been enormously lucrative to the Roman Church.”
* * * *
” I do not think that Roman Catholicism will go
very much further, though it is not likely to decay.
It is entangled inextricably with supernaturalism and
belief in miracle, at a time when scientific education
and the scientific atmosphere are becoming generally
diffused. Catholicism cannot come to terms with the
scientific spirit, though it may slip out of its recorded
condemnations of some scientific discoveries. When
women receive a sound secular education, the main
supporters of Catholicism will begin to fall away.”
* * * *
“It is no disparagement to the Catholic saints, some
of whom have revealed new possibilities of beauty in
human nature, to say that the political record of this
second Roman Empire has been almost uniformly
disgraceful. Founded upon forged title-deeds and
deliberately falsified history, it has established its
power by fradulent miracles and merciless persecution.
Die statecraft of these priestly diplomatists has been
-“en more unscrupulous than that of other disciples of
Machiavelli, and no government until that of the
Bolshevists has been so uncompromising in suppressing
liberty of thought and speech.”
The above extracts are from the Evening Standard
-: 10th August 1927.)

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