The History of Leith

April 23, 2012


Farewell Sermon.
The Rev. Alexander Anderson, B.D., who was inducted
to Robertson Memorial Church, Glasgow, on
12th January, preached his farewell sermon in South
Leith Church at the Morning Service on the 8th
At the close of his sermon, on the text 1 Samuel
xx. 17, he referred to the period when the late revered
Minister, Dr. William Swan, was laid aside from duty
I by the illness that endfd in his death, and said tha’t
I naturally the Rev, Mr. Paterson and he iiad to bear
the brunt, and therefore came more into the public
light than they would otherwise have done.
Statistics were sometimes interesting, and he Mould
just like to mention in passing that since March 1926
he had baptized 500 children. During the same period
he had married 172 couples, and within the past year
Mr. Paterson and he had officiated at 145 funerals.
A great deal of the work of South Leitli was parochial.
In that largely populated district much of it was done
in the interest and for the sake of those who had no
very, direct connection with the Church. While glad
again to be in charge of a parish, he was at the same
time sorry to leave that fine old Church. He had
enjoyed preaching in that lovely building, hallowed
by so many sacred memories. He had had the most
cordial reiations with Mr, Coehrane, the Organist and
with Mr. Paterson his relations had been the same.
He had something more to say, and he left it to the
last; that was his tender recollection of Dr. Swan,
whom he had found a guide, philosopher, and friend.
Dr. Swan’s friendship was a benediction. No one
could go into his presence without leaving it with the
spiritual side of their nature touched and purified.
Mr. Anderson, in conclusion, hoped and prayed, as
they stood at the beginning of a new year, and they
themselves standing at the beginning of a new era,
that much blessing might come to their Minister and
congregation. He would close with the words of the
saintly Apostle, ” Be kindly affectioned to one another,
in honour preferring one another; be not slothful in
business ; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord.”

source-South Leith Magazine 1928

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