The History of Leith

April 23, 2012

Church Queue in Duke Street.

Church Queue in Duke Street.
Some unusual sights and a good deal of fun accom- I
panied a recent meeting at the South Leith Parish
Church Halls in Duke Street. People on their way home
from work on Monday evening wondered at the queue
which reached from the halls to Constitution Street.
Later in the evening a couple of policemen thought it
wise to keep an eye on the crowd of women who were
slowly making their way down the street. Some wits,
suggested that they had mistaken their way, and should.
be facing a nearby picture house, and the women themselves
found ” quips and cranks ” enough to pass away
the time. When they reached the doors they presented
the tickets of admission, which were sent out to members
of the church only. But one lady, not to be outdone,.
presented a concession ticket—face downwards—of a
dirt-track racing meeting ! She was admitted. The
occasion was the opening social gathering of the
Woman’s Guild. There were present a thousand
women, and it is estimated that at least 200 could not
get in. Addresses were given by the Rev. Dr. Davidson
and the Rev. J. H. Michell Dabb, and Miss Bruce, the
General Secretary for Scotland. The Dramatic Society,
Miss Drummond” Grant, and Mrs. Cummings provided
the programme, and the whole meeting was organised
by the Committee, under the presidency of Mrs. Warden,
assisted by Mrs. Salmon as secretary. In every wav
the event was a huge success. I hear that the Sunday
services are packed, and a special popular service on
Thursday evenings in the church is being very largely
attended. It cannot be said, evidently, that South
Leithers are becoming non-churchgoers.
From Life and Work, October 1928.

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