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April 23, 2012

A Pastoral Letter.

A Pastoral Letter.
November 1928.
To the Congregation of South Leith.
I have been asked by the Christian Liberality
Committee of our Church to write a letter commending the
Freewill Offering Appeal which has been sent you. I am very
glad to do this, for I have been much impressed by the need
to improve the income of our Church. Ours is the leading
Church in Scotland as regards numbers, but I am very anxious
to make it pre-eminent for Christian influence and enterprise.
I find, however, that almost every suggestion I put forward
to improve our efficiency in the cause of Christ is ruled out
on the score of lack of money. When one considers the size of
our congregation, it is obvious that there is small excuse for
such a state of affairs.
I know that many of our members are not in a position
to give us much financial assistance, but surely Church
membership is worth even to the poorest of us at
least a penny a week! And if all our members were to
contribute on an average even such a modest amount as
twopence per week, we would have more than sufficient to
carry on our work successfully.
There could be no better illustration of the efficiency of
the Freewill Offering Scheme than the results proved in our
own Church. In 1927 500 of our members contributed
under the Freewill Offering Scheme .£899. The
remaining 3700 members who contributed by the
ordinary Church and Lady Visitors’ Collections only
gave £622! I hope you will think over these figures,
and that the outcome of your reflection will be the immediate
decision to put your name down as a regular supporter of
the great work that has been entrusted to us.
We can do nothing without money. But I feel sure that
if I had the support of all our 4200 members I could make
South Leith the leading centre of Christian enterprise in our land.
Will you not help me to achieve this distinction ?
In conclusion, let me say that your contribution—and you
are asked to contribute only as you are able—will be treated
in the strictest confidence.
I am,
Yours sincerely,

source-South Leith Magazine 1928

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