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April 21, 2012

En Memoriam.

En Memoriam.
AUGUST 1927.
The news of the death of Dr. Swan, which took place
with great suddenness on the evening of Sunday 28th
August at Clarkston, came as a blow which stunned
the congregation to which he had ministered so long.
The regret with which they had heard of the serious
illness which had befallen him little over a year before
was only equalled by the thankfulness to God with
which they watched his gradual recovery to health,
and his return to a participation in the work in which
his heart lay.
The spirit of courageous faith with which he resumed
some measure of work while still under the handicai
of illness, evoked the admiration of all. He had hoped
to continue that work, and it was the hope of all that
his rest on holiday would fit him more fully for continuing
it, but God had a higher purpose with him.
The Kirk-Session met soon after their late Minister
was laid at rest in the old Churchyard of South Leith,
and drew up the following minute :
“The Kirk-Session desire to place on record their
deep regret at the loss sustained by themselves and the
congregation through the sudden and untimely death
of their esteemed Minister. For sixteen years Dr.
Swan discharged the manv pastoral duties of this large
and populous parish. He was known and respected by
all as a man of strong and courageous character;
patient in ‘ the face of difficulty; supported by an
unfailing religious faith; holding stedfastly to the
ideals and purposes which guided his life and conduct.
His fame as a gifted and eloquent preacher of the
gospel, and as an ardent reformer in the cause of
temperance, extended far beyond the limits of the
parish, and will long be remembered in many parts of
Scotland. The Kirk-Session mourn the loss of their
devout Minister, whose memory -will be held in veneration
by all classes of the community, and they offer
their heartfelt sympathy to his widow and family in
their great sorrow.”

source-South Lerh Magazine 1927

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