The History of Leith

April 14, 2012

A Church great in Magnitude-1920

A Church great in Magnitude.
The number of Communicants, 3500, places South
Leith first in the country, so far as Communicants
worshipping in a single building are concerned. St.
Cuthbert’s has a slightly larger roll, but that roll includes
the Communicants in the Chapel of Bonnington.
But we come only second so far as regularly worshipping
Communicants are concerned. For we have, unfortunately,
many more members who only appear at
Communion times than that great and historic Church.
Our members, even when the large seafaring element is
deducted, do not attend the ordinary services, as
regularly as they ought. That is a defect which has
long been a distressful characteristic of South Leith.
Along with it goes another which, however, we have
the misfortune to share with the majority of .churches.
Far too large a proportion both of our office-bearers
and people only attend one service. When one remembers
the number of hours there are in. a week, one
hour and a half is much too small a proportion to set
apart for the public worship of God. There is nothing
more needed by the country than a strong backbone of
God-fearing people”; and there is no better way of getting
that than by each family making it a point of honour
to be represented twice at public worship on each Lord’s
Day. A shape and tone are imparted to character
which can be acquired in no other way. In towns this
is particularly necessary, as there are so many counter
attractions which slacken, if they do not destroy, moral
fibre. I appeal both to my official .helpers and to the
rank and file of the Church to put themselves to
personal trouble in the effort to preserve to Scotland
the precious heritage of the right employment of the
Day of Rest.

source-South leith Magazine 1920

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