The History of Leith

April 12, 2012


Then our citizenship must also be patriotic. It is
almost incredible that to-day there are people who seek
to fling mud at patriotism. If their inspiration is not
from the lower world, then it is drawn front the pestiferous
Red Internationalism at Moscow, which is seeking
by its ceaseless propaganda to poison the nations
from the furthest steppes of Asia even to our own
beloved land ; seeking to poison the very nations, let
me in passing say, which are at this moment contributing
of their best to feed the poor, miserable, and
starving wretches who have been brought to their
position of misery by the traditions and the false ideals
and the immeasurable roguery of the men who are
seeking to bring Europe still further to ruin. No !
patriotism is infinitely better than any Internationalism
of that kind. Let us be true to our patriotism, rejoicing
that God has given us such a gift.

source-South Leith Magazine 1922

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