The History of Leith

April 6, 2012

Description of a ancient Stone now removed

In Cobourg Street, adjoining the old church of
St. Ninian, is North Leith United Presbyterian
Church (now removed), while the Free Church of St. Ninian stood
in Dock Street, on a portion of the ground occupied
by the old citadel.
In the former street is a relic of old Leith—
a large square stone, representing the carpenters’
arms, within a moulded panel. It bears a threedecked
ship with two flags, at stem and stern.
Above it is the motto—
” God bless the carpenters
of No. Leitk, who built this
House, 1715.”
Underneath the ship is the line Trahunter siccas
machines carince, said to be misquoted from Horace,
Carm : lib. i. 4, where the verse runs :—
” Solvitur acris hiems grata vice veris et Favoni:
Trahutttqw siccas machiniz carinas ;
Ac neque jam stabulis gaudet pecus, aut aritor igni;
Nee prata canis albicant pruinis.”
This stone stood originally in the wall of a mansion
opposite to the church of St. Ninian, but is
now rebuilt into a modern edifice in Cobourg Street

Source-Old and New Edinburgh

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