The History of Leith

April 5, 2012

George Wishart

George Wishart, so well known as author of the
elegant “Latin Memoirs of Montrose,” a*copy of
which was suspended at the neck of that great
cavalier and soldier at his execution in 1650, was
appointed minister of North Leith in 1638, when
the signing of the Covenant, as a protection against
England and the king, became almost necessarily
the established test of faith and allegiance to Scotland.
Deposed for refusing to subscribe it,
Wishart was thrown into a dungeon of the old
Heart of Midlothian, in consequence of the discovery
of his secret correspondence with the king’s
party. He survived the storm of the Civil Wars,
and was made Bishop of Edinburgh on the reestablishment
of episcopacy.
He died in 1671, in his seventy-first year, and
was buried in Holyrood, where his tomb is still to
be seen, with an inscription so long that it amounts
to a species of biography

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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