The History of Leith

April 4, 2012

John Webster

In February, 1721. John Webster, having committed
a murder upon a young woman named
Marion Campbell, daughter of Campbell of Kevenknock,
near the city wall, but on Heriot’s Hospital
.ground, was taken to Broughton, and condemned
to death by the Baron-bailie; and in the same
year the treasurer of the hospital complains of
the expense incurred in prosecuting offenders in
some other cases of murder committed within the
barony; but these onerous and costly privileges
were eventually abrogated in 1746, by the Act which
abolished all hereditable jurisdictions, and a few
years afterwards %he governors granted the use of
the ancient tolbooth to one of their tenants as a
storehouse, ” reserving to the hospital a room for
holding their Baron Courts when they shall think
fit.” (Steven’s ” Hist. Heriot’s Hospital.”)

source-Old and New Edinburgh c1883

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