The History of Leith

April 3, 2012


South Leith people are familiar because of references
from the pulpit every Sabbath Day with the idea that
the War has revealed the need for a Revival of
Religion in the country. It may have been thought
that this was- simply an idea of the Minister’s, born of
his anxiety for a more intense spiritual life among the
Congregation. It is more than his personal idea,
however. The Commission on the Spiritual and Moral Issues
of the War has arrived at the same result in its
plans. It now asks every minister and congregation
to prepare in January and February for National
Be-Dedication to God. As a nation, we have not been
living as near God as we should. As Churches, we
have been far too formal and dead — we have had a
name to live, and been spiritually dead. As individuals,
we have not’had that passionate continuous love for
the Redeemer which is the least return we can make to
the love which brought Him from heaven to the Cross.”
We have not been enthusiastic workers in the Christian
Society, bringing in others, and leading them to Christ.
Many imagine that if this is necessary, it is only work
for ministers. In reality, it is the first work, along
with earning his livelihood, for every Christian man
and woman. The Commission, further, asks that the
Churches should bestir themselves to take a svmpathetic
interest in the vast social questions which await solution
after the absorption of the War leaves us free to tackle
them as a nation. They can only be solved rightly by
Christian people.
Accordingly, the Kirk-Session is meeting for prayer
on Sabbath mornings before Church, so many members
at a time ; meetings will be held with the Sabbath
School teachers, the Choir, the Lady Visitors during
January, so that all may be made aware of the aims
of the Church. Special sermons will be preached on
Sabbath forenoons during this month on Repentance,
Faith, Love, and New Obedience. During February
the subjects suggested by the Church will be, Re-Dedication
in the Nation, the Church, the Family, and the
Individual. Then at the end of February or the
beginning of March a Special Week of Meetings will be
held, something like those held some years ago when
Dr. Stevenson of Gargunnoek was used by God to
arouse a deeper spiritual interest among our Congregation.
The Minister asks for individual surrender to Christ;
for the starting of Family Worship in homes where it
has never been held, or where, for one reason or
another, it has been discontinued. Return to a vivid
and definite spiritual life will make every one a better
citizen, a better workman, a better housekeeper, a
better friend. We do not know when Christ may
return ; it may be-soon or it may be late ; blessed are
those servants whom He shall find watching when He
comes !
Pray for the movement over the country ; pray for
it in our own town ; pray- for it in our own

Source-South Leith Magazine 1918

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